ABS Washing Recycling Machine

ABS Washing Recycling Machine

Usage:It is used for recycling the waste plastic PVC, ABS. Such as film, profile, tube, label, bucket.
Structure:The line is mainly including Sorting conveyor, crusher, friction washer, cold washer, and hot washer, dryer.

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ABS washing recycling machine

1. Summary

Due to the quite important and interesting quantities of material involved, thermoforms wastes are becoming an emerging new sector of the recycling market, with interesting opportunities for those who choose to become involved in this activity.

There are two basic groups of thermoforms on the market and each one of them has particular characteristics that have to be carefully considered in order to properly treat the materials in the recycling processes:

Monolayer (PP – APET – PS – PC – PETC – PVC-ABS)

Multilayer (PET/PE – PET/PVC – PET/EVOH – Others complex)

Thermoformed packaging for food products, such as meat, fish, and cheese, have very demanding specifications and therefore require strong attention in the choice of materials.

Today we often see packaging’s for fresh food, which must be sealable after use in order to maintain the properties of the content. These containers are usually manufactured using multilayer’s thermoforms containing PVC and PE. In other case, the package must form an efficient barrier, protecting its content from the moisture in the air. In this case, the multilayered thermoform is usually composed of, PE, and EVOH.

2. ABS washing recycling machine process:

Wet Grinder →High speed friction washer →Floating washer →Dryer→storage silo

3. Brief introduction of the equipments for ABS washing recycling machine:



Wet Grinder

In this section, plastic ABS are cut into smaller pieces to achieve the required size distribution for the washing sections that follow.

Friction washing tank

The flakes are efficiently cleaned insight inclining drum with blades on rotor turning 1,200RPM.Flakes are rubbing against each other as well as against the rotating auger. The auger moves the flakes forward and clean last remain of dirt.

Floating washing tank

It can separate the material according their density. ABS sinks to the bottom and is discharged by a screw conveyor. Remains of impurity floats on the top and are moved by rotating shovels to side of washing tank. Small screw conveyor take them out.

Centrifugal dryer

The wet flakes are dewatered in horizontal centrifuge. Flakes are dry to 2.5% of humidity.

Drying system

Heating the flakes by electricity, the moisture can be lower than 1%

Storage silo

The dried and separated flakes are then packaged from the storage silos into super sacks with a high density filling system.

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4.Model of the ABS washing recycling machine

Thanks to its long and successful experience in plastic recycling, REGULUS offers state-of-the-art recycling technologies, with turn-key installations having the widest range and flexibility in production capacity (from 500kg/h to over 3000 Kg/h outputs).

5. Video of ABS washing recycling machine

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