Post Consumer PET Bottles Recycling Lines

Post Consumer PET Bottles Recycling Lines

Usage: It is used for crushing, washing, drying the waste plastic PET bottles.
Structure: The complete line includes Crusher, friction washer, cold washer, hot washer, dryer.
PET Bottle Recycling Machine

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Post consumer PET bottles recycling lines

1. Post consumer PET bottles

Post-consumer PET bottles are doubtless among   the most important components of   the recycling market. Recycled PET may be used in a wide variety of final applications, with very   interesting and remunerable financial returns for the recycling companies.


2. Advantage of our Post consumer PET bottles recycling lines

After many years of development, our systematical equipment production line and overall technical tread have become mature, with choice to make according to the different requirements of customers. We use the mode of modularity to arrange smartly according to the different characteristics of recycled bottle all over the world, to achieve the best production and lowest input.

3. Post consumer PET bottles recycling lines process:


4. Brief introduction of the Post consumer PET bottles recycling lines



Bale opener

Open the baled PET bottles into individual bottles,   controlled by inverter

Dry separation

This section allows the   removal of many of the solid contaminants (sand, stones, etc.).

Label remover

This section can remove the bottle labels by friction between screen and arms.

Pre-washing machine

This section is essential for the line to be able to accept the worst quality PET bottles, continuously removing large and abrasive contaminants.

Manual sorting belt

The manual sorting conveyor consists of a horizontal   conveyor belt with platforms on side, discharge chutes and a discharge   conveyor for centralized contaminant disposal (optional – on demand).

Wet Grinder

In this section, PET bottles are cut into smaller pieces to achieve the required size distribution for the washing sections that follow.

Hot water washing machine

Washing the flakes from labels, dirt and other residues by water heated to 85 centigrade. Overflow on top of washing chamber, remove cups and rest of the paper.

Friction washing tank

The flakes are efficiently cleaned insight inclining drum with blades on   rotor turning 1,200RPM.Flakes are rubbing against each other as well as against the rotating auger. The auger moves the flakes forward and clean last remain of dirt.

Floating washing tank

It can separate the material according their density. PET sinks to the   bottom and is discharged by a screw conveyor. Remains of caps and rings made of PE and labels of PP floats on the top and are moved by rotating shovels to side of washing tank. Small screw conveyor take them out. This machine removes 90% of paper and plastic labels.

Centrifugal dryer

The wet flakes are dewatered in horizontal centrifuge. Flakes are dry to 2.5% of humidity.

Drying system

Heating the flakes by electricity, the moisture can be lower than 1%

Storage silo

The dried and separated   flakes are then packaged from the storage silos into super sacks with a high   density filling system.

5. Final product of PET flakes:



Thanks to the specific and accurate REGULUS prewashing and washing systems, the properties of the PET flakes resulting from the REGULUS PET bottle recycling plants are closely comparable to those of virgin PET.

As a matter of fact, REGULUS PET bottle recycling lines can eliminate many of the worst contaminants in the early steps of each process, ensuring a longer life and higher wear resistance of the machineries and increasing the efficiency and performance of the process as a whole.

6. Plastic recycling: final applications

PET Flakes resulting from any REGULUS PET bottle recycling line are of the highest quality in the market, making them perfectly suitable for many of the most important applications, such as:

PET flakes for Bottle to Bottle – B to B quality

(suitable to be extruded at food grade quality)


PET flakes for Thermoforms

(suitable to be extruded at food grade quality)


PET flakes for Film or Sheets


PET flakes for Fibers


PET flakes for Strapping



7. FAQ of the Post consumer PET bottles recycling lines

Q: What product capacity per hour can you make?

A: Thanks to its long and successful experience in PET recycling, REGULUS offers   state-of-the-art recycling technologies, with turn-key installations having the widest range and flexibility in production capacity (from 500kg/h to over 3000 Kg/h outputs).

8. Video of the Post consumer PET bottles recycling lines

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