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What Is The Principle Of Plastic Crusher?
- Aug 16, 2018 -

Plastic pulverizer as a waste plastics and plastic injection molding of the rapid recovery equipment has won the user's favor, in this series of equipment demand continues to increase the situation of Henan Fukai Machinery is now to analyze the working principle of this series of models, you can better and more reasonable application and maintenance of plastic pulverizer to provide technical basis.

In principle, plastic crusher is based on the principle of shearing plastic processing, the machine through the main shaft of the belt pulley to drive high-speed rotation, spindle in the process of rotation is fixed in the rotor blade and fixed in the body blade to form a shearing port, material through the inlet into the cavity after passing The material is preliminarily shredded by the continuous change of the shearing port. The material which meets the size requirement after the shredding is directly discharged from the chamber through the screen. The larger material is turned up again into the shearing port under the action of the internal air flow and is broken until the size meets the crushing requirements. In maintenance, the machine mainly maintains and maintains shaft side bearings, such as butter or molybdenum disulfide.