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What Equipment Is Needed For Recycling Waste Plastics?
- Aug 16, 2018 -

When it comes to plastic recycling equipment, we have to mention the plastic crusher. Plastic recycling equipment has different processing procedures and different equipment composition after recycling various waste plastics. Usually its main equipment includes: plastic crusher, plastic separator, plastic cleaning machine, plastic drying machine. It is composed of plastic granulator, cooling trough and granulator. The operation principle of the equipment is mainly to crush the recycled plastic film, woven bag and other materials by plastic crusher. After crushing, the materials are further removed impurities and then automatically input into the drying machine through the rinsing trough and dried by the automatic feeding machine to supply plastic. The granulator, after the granulation of plastic in the pull of the granulator through the cooling trough for water-cooling in the role of the granulator will be the whole plastic into cylindrical particles, through recycling packaging can be directly into the plastic market for sale.