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Waste PE LDPE Plastic Film PP Jumbo Woven Bag Crushing Washing Line Recycling Machine
- Nov 17, 2018 -
Product Description
Waste PE LDPE plastic film PP Jumbo woven bag Crushing Washing Line Recycling Machine

Recycling material of REGULUS washing system:

 Basic data of REGULUS washing system:
Capacity for film450-550kg/h450-550kg/h750-1000kg/h750-1000kg/h
Capacity for rigid900-1100kg/h900-1100kg/h1500-2000kg/h1500-2000kg/h
Installed power215KW223KW168KW362KW
Working power161KW167KW126KW271KW
Water consumption0.5-2m3/h0.5-2m3/h0.5-2m3/h0.5-2m3/h
Moisture of productLess than 7%Less than 7%Less than 7%Less than 7%
Operation staff334-55-6
Specification of REGULUS washing system

? High throughput,
? Less space occupied
? Low water consumption, 95% recycled--release simple water treatment,
? Automatic cleaning function, High-qiality washing
? Longer lifetime of downstream machines,

? Combines a cleaning centrifuge and thermo-mechanical drying in a single plant. This enables a clean, dry process that is

easy on the material and produces consistently high end product quality,

? Simple operations, low maintenance effort,
? Auto control system.
Why choose REGULUS machinery?

Thanks to innovative washing technology and high quality performance. REGULUS system removes the most difficult contaminants from PP/PE/PS/ABS plastic materials. Cleans post consumer film, agricultural film, Rigid bottle/drum, Battery case, WEEE plastic and even heavily contaminated woven bag fibre material. Provides almost 100% purity washing results.
REGULUS system is available for 24 hours working non-stop operation. Optimized design and top brand components to each module. Which could minimize the downtime ratio and save the maintenance time. This ensures the maximum availability and highest productivity for user.

REGULUS system is designed in all details for efficiency improving. The system have very low consumption values for electricity, water and chemicals. The operating costs and maintenance costs are absolutely reduced. Consistently the lowest investment costs and highest value creation! 

REGULUS system is a flexible modular system. All elements required by any customer for different application could be combined freely. This design reduces planning, construction and assembly time effectively. And it's possible to adjust the system with regard to technological modification and market changing. This makes the investment future-proofing!
Intelligent control
Intelligent automatic module control of REGULUS system. One Main control panel with modern Touch Display for efficient interaction of all component. Multi-language available for operating system.  

Turnkey service
REGULUS system is a flexible and customer-oriented recycling solution. The proposal is integrated and engineering project. Building design, overseas installation, commissioning and training are available. Machine warranty with spares in stocking and on-time delivery. Consistently quick and careful service in pre-sales and after-sales process.

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Sales Manager: Misty Yu