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Fiber Grade PET Bottle Washing Line
- Jan 21, 2019 -

This machine is mainly used for recycling PET bottles.

The final product is clean and good quality PET flakes.

PET Flakes resulting from any REGULUS PET bottle recycling line are of the highest quality in the market, making them perfectly suitable for many of the most important applications, such as:

a.      PET flakes for Bottle to Bottle – B to B quality (suitable to be extruded at food grade quality)

b.      PET flakes for Thermoforms (suitable to be extruded at food grade quality)

c.      PET flakes for Film or Sheets

d.      PET flakes for Fibers

e.      PET flakes for Strapping

We can make PET bottle washing line Capacity: 500kg/h, 1ton/h, 1.5ton/h, 2tons/h, 3tons/h, 6tons/h

The following video is 2tons/h PET bottle recycling machine:

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