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Proper Maintenance And Maintenance Of Plastic Crusher
- Aug 16, 2018 -

1. Plastic crusher (recommended: crusher price) machine strong crusher regenerative granulator plastic crusher (recommended: straw crusher) instructions for use:

1. Connect the power supply correctly, before starting, first move the inertia wheel by hand, check if there is any abnormal impurities in the machine room.

2. Start idling to check whether the knife is turning correctly, if the reverse is corrected in time, start idling normally 3-5 minutes later, fasten the feeding room, meet the crusher conditions, then the feeding production.

3, do not feed for 5 minutes before shutting down. The remaining materials in the mill should be completely crushed and discharged.

4. It is strictly forbidden to put metal and other hard objects into the crushing chamber.

5. Discover abnormal sound response immediately stop the machine, turn off the power supply, check the causes, troubleshooting before restarting.

Two, plastic crusher, plastic crusher maintenance

1, the position of ventilation should be placed in order to ensure the heat release and prolong the service life of the motor.

2. Check the tool screws regularly. After using the new machine for 1 hour, fasten the moving knife with the tool, fix the screw of the knife, and strengthen the fixity between the blade and the tool holder.

3, periodic lubrication of bearings (products: roller bearings) should be lubricated to ensure lubricity between bearings.

4. In order to ensure the sharpness of the cutting edge, the cutting tool should be checked frequently to ensure its sharpness and reduce unnecessary damage to other parts caused by blunt blade.

5. Remaining debris should be removed before the second start-up to reduce starting resistance. Inertia cover and pulley cover should be opened regularly to remove the ash outlet under the flange, because the powder discharged from the crusher room into the shaft bearing.

6. The clearance between the moving cutter and the fixed cutter should be 0.8MM for the crusher above 20HP and 0.5MM for the crusher below 20HP.

7, regularly check whether the belt is loose and tighten in time.

8, the machine should be kept well grounded.