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Plastic Recycling Method
- Aug 16, 2018 -

The methods of plastics recycling include melting regeneration, pyrolysis, energy recovery, chemical raw materials recovery and other methods.

(1) melting regeneration and melting regeneration is a method of reusing and reusing waste plastics. From the source of waste plastics, this method can be divided into two categories: one is the recycling of clean waste plastics from resin plants and processing plants; the other is the recycling of various plastic products mixed together after use. The former is called pure regeneration, can produce better performance plastic products; the latter is called composite regeneration, generally can only prepare plastic products with relatively poor performance requirements, and the recycling process is more complex.

(2) The pyrolysis pyrolysis method is to produce fuel oil and gas by pyrolysis of selected waste plastics.

(3) energy recovery is a method of utilizing the heat generated by burning waste plastics.

(4) Recycling chemical raw materials, some kinds of plastics, adding polyurethane can be hydrolyzed to obtain the raw material monomer. This is a way to recycle waste plastics into chemical raw materials by chemical decomposition.

(5) In addition to the above-mentioned methods of recycling waste plastics, there are also various ways of utilizing waste plastics, such as crushing waste polystyrene foam plastics into the soil to improve soil water retention, aeration and drainage, or as a filler mixed with cement to make light concrete, or adding adhesive to press into the soil. Cushion materials, etc.