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Plastic Granulating Recycling Machine
- Nov 23, 2018 -

Plastic granulating recycling machine

1.     Usage of Plastic granulating recycling machine

Plastic recycling granulator is mainly used for processing waste plastic film (industrial packaging film, agricultural plastic film, greenhouse film, beer bag, handbag, etc.), woven bag, agricultural convenient bag, basin, barrel, beverage bottle, furniture, daily necessities, etc. It is suitable for most common waste plastics, and is the most used recycling industry of waste plastics. Widely used, it is the most popular recycled plastic granulator processing machinery.

2.     Characteristics of Plastic granulating recycling machine

1. Automatic for plastic crushing, cleaning and feeding to granulation.

2. Make full use of high-pressure friction uninterrupted heating system, automatic heating production, avoid continuous heating, save electricity and energy.

3. The plastic extruder screw barrel is made of 45 # high strength and high quality steel, which is durable.

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