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Operation Specification For Plastic Crusher Machine
- Aug 16, 2018 -

1. Preparation and precautions before operation

1. First, open the crushing chamber of the plastic crusher, carefully check whether the blade clearance is reasonable (about 0.1mm), whether the fastening bolt is loose, and tighten the loose bolt. Then the main shaft rotor is broken by hand to rotate several circles to observe whether the rotor is flexible, whether the clearance between moving and fixing cutters is consistent and meets the requirements, and whether there are metal or other foreign bodies in the sieve. After checking, close the feeding hopper, tighten the connecting bolt between the hopper and the body, and then rotate the spindle rotor for several turns. After normal operation, the hopper is energized for several minutes without load.

Note: the clearance between the blades of the machine has been adjusted before leaving the factory. If there is no loosening, it is not necessary to debug again.

2. Observe whether the rotation direction of the spindle is consistent with the direction indicated by the arrow. If it is inconsistent, adjust the motor wiring and prohibit the reverse rotation of the spindle.

3. Check the electrical control box and all lines are installed correctly and effectively.

4, whether the emergency stop button is controlled accurately.

5, check whether the fan and ventilation pipe are installed correctly.

6. Check whether the transmission belts are loose or not to prevent slippage in load operation.

2, boot operation and precautions

1. Trial operation: Point the start button of the plastic crusher to check if there is any abnormal scraping between the crushing rotor and the crushing chamber (such as collision noise, vibration, etc.) must wait for the normal speed of the motor before uniform feeding production;

2, feed should be uniform, prevent sudden feeding causing choking machine or damage blade.

3. When the load of the crusher motor is heavy and the output is down, it should cut off the power or stop the grinding tool or adjust the tool clearance.

4. Bearings should be regularly refueled (once a shift), to avoid bad lubrication affect bearing life or damage bearing.

3. Sharpening, installation and adjustment of cutting tools.

1. Explain: the clearance of plastic crusher has been debugged before leaving factory. If there are no other abnormal conditions in the transportation process, users usually do not have to adjust to put into production.

2. Tool grinding: the tool needs to be grinded after being blunt, or the tool needs to be replaced after being scrapped, can be carried out according to the following steps:

2.1 disconnect the power supply, open the crushing chamber, remove the tools that need to be replaced or sharpened.

2.2 grinding and fixed knives will be sharpened on the sharpener or the table grinding wheel according to the required angle (30 to 45 degrees).

3, installation and adjustment:

3.1 first, install a knife that is sharpened or replaced. The distance between the blade and the sieve plate is between 12 and 15mm.

3.2 loading the fixed knife, adjusting the gap between fixed knife and moving knife, adjusting it to 0.1 ~ 0.2mm;

3.3 all blade fixed bolts must be sleeved and tightened by about 1 meters in length to avoid loosening.

3.4 In order to save the time of tool grinding and installation, the cutting edge can be repaired with angle grinder without removing the moving knife when grinding the knife.

3.5 No feeding for tens of seconds before the shutdown, and stop after the material in the crushing chamber is discharged, so as to avoid the failure to start the next start-up.

3.6 The cutting edge of the new grinding tool is sharp and thin, and it is easy to break or blunt crack when cutting. The blunt grinding of the first use can be avoided without grinding.

4, safety precautions

1, machine operators should wear protective glasses, and can not face the feed port.

2, we must clean up the crushing chamber, adjust the blade or deal with other faults when the power is down.

3. If any abnormal noise occurs during the operation of the machine, the machine should be stopped immediately for inspection, and after troubleshooting, the production shall be carried out.

4. The installation position of the blower and the blower pipe should be correct. The air supply hole on the blower pipe must not be directed at the operator.

5, the electrical equipment of the plastic pulverizer must be connected with the safety grounding wire.

6, it is strictly prohibited to extend the head and hands into the hopper of the plastic crusher to prevent accidents.

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